Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tin Can Lids

Tin Can Lid used as a base for this gorgeous wall decoration by Barbara Bennett

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wine Glasses mismatched or chipped

Wine Glass Pin cushion by Josie Hancock

Tea cups mismatched or chipped

A lovely Pin cushion and button holder by Josie Hancock

Tin Cans Recycled

Teresa (Tee) Hall turns tin cans into lovely pin cushions (2 design samples)

Josie Hancock made a lovely decorated container to hold small bits of ribbons

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Cardboard Chipboard Post it Note Pad Holder By Teresa Hall

Using ordinary cardboard or heavy chipboard, and a metal paper clip turn this trash into lovely note pad or posty note holders. A great way to use of bits of paper, and small bits of lace and trims. The possibilities are endless!
Great gifts for teachers, friends and family.
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Tee (Teresa Hall) 2 design samples

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CD empty holder case by Suzanne K

Hi Everyone,

Now this is really cool, look how easy it is to turn the empty container that holds CD's into a functional mini display easel for photographing art and jewelry.

Well Suzanne has done just that. Using a plastic earring holder, some paint and some fabulous color combinations.