Sunday, January 22, 2012

Glass jars - Pin Cushions

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to decorate some glass jars so that they would look pretty and still be functional containers. What fun to create pin cushion tops for my jars.

Below are some glass sealer jars with the sealer lid and metal ring. First I found some sytro balls that were the same diameter as the jar lids.

I then glued the sealer lid intact to the metal ring. (using goop glue)

Using a variety of fabric (ideally something with a bit of stretch) I used some dark green velveteen, dusty rose felt, and the poly faux animal fur to cover the styro ball halves. Fleece would work well too but I didnt have any handy and was to lazy to dig through my fabric tubs.

I used straight pins to hold the fabric in place while I hot glued with a glue gun. You need to pinch gather as you glue the fabric so that you dont have bunchyness around the edges, but dont fret over it if it does bunch up a bit, as you will cover it up with trims.

Then I glued to the top of the jar lid. and decrorated with a variety of lace, trim, dangling beads, etc for a lovely finished jar lid that is now a pin cushion.

These jars can hold so many wonderful craft items and look decorative and easily to remind and spot fun items to use in your art projects.

You dont have to use canning jars, any jar with a lid will work just fine, it just happens I have 100's of jars and I did like the decorating possiblilites with the wider metal ring lid.

Canning jars can be purchased second hand at yard sales, thrift shops etc for mere pennies or again you can easily recycle your own glass jars with lids depending on your personal ideas.

Also you don't have to use styro balls for the top. You could sew a fabric pillow stuffed with polyfil and glue to the top as an alternative. But again I had the styro balls to use up anyway and was too lazy to get out the sewing machine. And I liked the height and sturdiness of the styro ball.

As you can see by the picture I made a few of these containers and I really do have plans to make many more because I can see that it will be absolutely fabulous to store many baubles and bits.

They are already filled with beads, dominoes, wooden tiles, rusty bits and buttons, and I have added some of my decorated pins I have received from PDA members as well as a set of my own pins (more info to come). Why not add a pretty brooch to the top for decorating too!

Here are the pics:

2 different size jar lids using a 3 inch and 2 inch styro ball cut in half. Dont worry about jaggy edges on the styro as this will not show when done. But do try to make sure the ball is reasonably straight on the bottom of the cut. After the fabric is glued with hot glue, I used a combination of hot glue around the edges and a little bit of goop glue in the center to give an instant bond as well as long term bond to the project.

When gluing the sealer lid inside of the metal ring, be sure to push right to the top and just in case you may have got some glue along the inside of the metal ring, don't screw the ring onto the jar too tightly otherwise you could glue your lid to the jar permanently. Having the lid on the jar allows for easy decorating and adding trims, just be sure to check by unscrewing from the jar so that inc ase there is glue you can remove before it sets.

After gathering the stuff I wanted to use, this project probably took less than 15 minutes to complete each one.

Another open challenge with out a closing date. I look forward to seeing your creations and other ideas that may come from this tutorial. What will you store inside your jars?

Happy creating!


Samples by Kim Newberg (4 images)

Glass gravy jar with lid turned into a pretty Pin Cushion storage container
by Teresa (Tee) Hall


  1. Love This Project Kim! I Have Some Jars Ready to Start on! Hugs,Tee

  2. What a great project Kim! Love those leopard print ones!


  3. I Just Posted My Altered Jar Pin Cushion Pic @ The Group! Thanks For The Great Idea! I Had Fun with It, and Will Do More! Hugs,Tee