Sunday, September 11, 2011

Puzzle pieces by Brigitte Vosgien

Although puzzle pieces have been used on our site for creating art in the Rompe Cabeza Group, somehow we forgot but Brigitte has reminded us that puzzle pieces are perfect to recycle. Especially when you have missing pieces from the box or everyone has made the puzzle over and over. A box of puzzle pieces can be a treasure trove of art and craft delight!

From jewelry, to charms, as backgrounds for other art and as the finished art itself.
See what our members are doing with discarded puzzle pieces.
WE will post all new art creations using puzzle pieces here, but if you would like to see other creations you can always visit the Rompe Cabeza puzzle group on PDA for even more inspiration!

Brigitte Vosgien uses puzzles as embellishments within her art pieces and as the art itself.

John Dyhouse Puzzle background bases for art creation

Jean E Roman also uses puzzle pieces as the base for art creation
and she dangles charms from the puzzle pieces.

Wendy Kirk (3 pieces)

Jewelry Broaches Oins by Linda D.

Newspapers and paper scraps

 Newspapers can be torn for paper mache, make fun party hats for play, and with some paint can be works of art and even made into flying kites!
Jean has started us off with a lovely paper doll made from newspapers, scrap craft papers and magazines. If you want to learn more about her techniques stop by PDA and join us and then join the TR2TR group to learn how to create lovely art projects from items you may be discarding.......

Jean E Roman Newspaper Doll